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New Release on Beatwax Records2016-09-27 21:51:30
and again I am proud to be part of the Sound of NUE Compilation.

Its available on Beatport

Upcomming Release2015-05-26 21:40:15
I am very happy, that my track Luitpoldhain will be part of the second Nuremberg Compilation on Beatwax Records!

Stay tuned. Luitpoldhain will be available on Beatport soon.

New Toy 2015-05-15 20:35:19
Time to play! I got my new Novation Bass Station 2 today!

I'm going to use it on stage. It sounds great and gives me a lot of new possibilities in live context. I wanted to buy the Arturia Minibrute, but the Bass Station 2 gives me a lot more for the same money. I am truly happy with it and i am looking forward to the next gigs to find out, what i can get out of this little beast.

Upcomming Release2015-04-21 16:56:20
Great news! Stefan Hendry's track Hazy will be released together with a remix of me.

Release date will be 30.04.2015

Check Beatport and enjoy! :-)

Upcomming Gigs: Celebrating Beatopia's 2 years anniversary2015-01-11 22:32:17
Beatopia is becoming 2 years and my good friend Homebase, owner of Beatwax Records, will celebrate his birthday,too.

Save the date!

I'm also very happy to play at Regensburg in March. Again: Save the Date!

Gear News! Becoming an Elektronaut2015-01-07 13:01:15
Some new machines during Christmas and new year arrived. An Analog Four and an Analog Rytm from Elektron. They sound great next to their "old brother" Machinedrum.

On the other hand say bye-bye to the Rave-o-lution 309, the XBase 999 and some old DAW controllers i sold.

New gigs are comming2014-11-02 16:25:16
I will play at Beatopia @ Desi together with Lukas Frauenknecht and the Beatopia guys.
Save the date!

I will also play at the T.H.'s Conspiracy Event at Studio Eins on 29.11.2014.

Again: Save the date!

Studio Eins Summercamp #22014-08-21 15:29:34
I will play live at the Studio Eins Summercamp open air. i reactivated my old MicroKorg for this. i'm sure it will be a lot of fun :)

Live setup is completed2014-05-24 11:22:37
Today I finished my new setup for my liveact.

At my last gig I found out that the APC40 together with my NI Traktor X1 controler works together pretty well.
The APC is used for triggering scenes and clips as well as FX per channel.
The X1 is used for the master section like EQ, Filters and FX. The buttons are mainly mapped to one shot samples that I can trigger while playing. I tried to integrate my new Arturia Beatstep to improvise some patterns or melodies during playing. I found out, that it was too difficult to control it. I get no visual feedback about the tuning of each step. It was also ment to be used for different percussion sounds and i wondered if i can trigger an ableton drumrack with it. But i decided it is too limiting.
So the decission was easy. I integrated the NI Maschine. I runs in a parallel track. Volume is mapped to the APC Crossfader. I created several groups with a lot of percussion samples. now i can create whole loops directly while playing live.

first tests at home worked great! I hope it will work like this on stage, too :)

My new toy the Arturia Beatstep2014-04-08 18:34:20
Today i picked up my new toy. The Arturia Beatstep step sequencer.

I mainly used it via USB triggering a midi track in Ableton Live. Integration is nice. I just program a sequence and record it in live. I hope i can integrate it in my live setup in a nice way to create some patterns on the fly while playing.

Megahybrid released on Beatwax Records2014-03-04 21:43:37
Its great!

My new Track Megahybrid will be part of the Nürnberg Compilation on Beatwax Records!

Check the snippet in the sounds section or directly on SoundCloud

Find more details on

PointBlank max4live plugins2014-02-15 13:41:13
After reading about it several times i finally downloaded the freebies at the PointBlank music production school website. There are some really usefull things you can find there. I already used the autosidechain plugin and the kickdrum designer several times.

Its worth to check it out at:

Navigate to Free stuff -> Free Plug Ins

Finally got my NI Maschine mk22013-12-27 15:48:25
After months of hesitating I finally decided to buy Native Instruments Maschine MK2.

That means on the other hand I decided not to buy Ableton Push. After the first hours of playing with it I am even surer, that the decision was right. I wanted a tool to help me with productions and beat creation, not for live performance. (The APC40 still does a good job!)

Sonic Potions LXR Drumsynth2013-11-11 20:27:42
Another DIY machine is alive!

I just completed my LXR kit.
Its a very interesting drum/percussion synth with 7 individual tracks. The creator Julian Schmidt programmed different digital algorithms for the different instruments, lots of modulation possibilities and next do MIDI also USB and SD Card support. A very well done DIY instruments that is developed continously.
So go and grab your kit!

Check out:

Mutable Instruments Shruthi2013-03-05 00:09:21
I just finished my DIY kit of the Mutable Instruments Shruthi.

Its a nice small monofonic subtractive synth that even has a small step sequencer inside.

There are more DIY instruments to build.
Check out: